Our environment needs us

From the beginning of time we humans have used the recourses Mother Nature has provided for us. As is in our nature we became greedy and not only took what was needed, we wanted more and more. And so we took, oblivious to the outcomings our actions would have for generations to come.

Save the environment

Photo: public domain George Hodan

Today we know the catastrophic consequences of ruining the environment, we know that we only have one earth and if we destroy it there is no replacement. Still in this modern age we are chopping down the precious rainforests. Humans are hunting animals to extinction for vain things like their fur or bones. Factories are poisoning our oceans with numerous chemicals. Not to mention the carbon from fossil fuels man is spewing into the atmosphere in our attempt to harness the energy that comes from coal and oil.

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We need electricity

Almost everything we do in this day and age requires electricity. The light that shines on our book when we are reading. When we cook and later when the food is stored in the fridge, or When we work on the computer. In cold climates electricity is used to heat our homes so we don’t die from hyperthermia and in hot climates we need to cool down with an air conditioner.

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Solar power as an energy alternative

The earth is our home and we need to take care of her, but we don’t want to give up the luxuries of our daily life to do so. Fortunately when it comes to electricity we don’t have to. There are numerous sustainable energy alternatives out there so we don’t need to. This site is concentrated on the benefits and disadvantages of solar power. Both as an environmental and economical alternative sunpower is superior to all forms of fossil fueled electricity. And we at solarpanelsphotovoltaic.net feel that it is our duty to do what we can to inform our readers about this great and green alternative.

On our site you will find anything you’ll need to know before you take the step and install you very own solar panels. We will cover anything from pure solar facts to solar panel tutorials and news in the photovoltaic sector.

solar panels for future generations

photo: public domain George Hodan


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