Everyone is rambling on about all the great assets of solar power, but what about disadvantages of solar energy? What of the stuff that the advertisement boards won’t say in their bullet boards and headlines? Well we decided to do some digging and uncover all the nasty bits of solar. Here is a list for you to enjoy.

Solar Panels take up a lot of space

One of the disadvantages of solar energy is that if you want to generate a lot of electricity you will need a lot of roof space. This is because you need to catch as much sun as you possibly can, for this lots of solar panels are needed. If you have a small roof you may have to donate some of your yard space to the solar panels. These will then be mounted at scaffoldings. Limiting your grilling space is a sacrifice not everyone is happy to make, especially if your yard is small and you use it often. If you don’t have enough space to house all the solar panels that you would wish to have, remember that even by cutting down a little bit on the electricity bill will be a major saving in the long run both for you and for the planet.

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If we leave the private sector for a bit and concentrate on the big commercial power plants which are dedicated to supplying whole cities with electricity. In this respect solar panels take up a substantially greater surface than other forms of energy manufacturing. This will be an issue for energy companies because the land for their power plants must be specifically bought for the purpose. Making it an even greater initial cost for them than it would be for a private homeowner who already owns but doesn’t use the land space required for the solar panels to sit upon (house roof).

No way I’m installing them ugly ass solar panels on my roof

With solar power your roof will have these black misplaced squares upon it. If your house is a beautiful old fashioned one the modern looking shiny black panels can ruin the esthetics of an otherwise charming country home.

Believe it or not according to studies, when people are asked about what they think are the most pressing disadvantages of solar energy, a statement just as vain as this one is the main reason why most people won’t go solar. The thought of adoring ones home with something they consider ugly is simply to disturbing, no matter how many acres of rainforest it may save.

But on the other hand it will make mother earth a more beautiful place to live because with solar power you are generating green electricity instead of feeding the poisonous fossil fuel industry. So maybe you will be able to put the disadvantages of solar energy aside and decide that photovoltaics are still worth it for you.

Not to mention there are new more esthetically pleasing solutions on the market today. The new all black thin film panels without those ugly aluminum frames for instance. If I remember correctly IKEA is a company that offers this solution to their costumers. Now you can even get them panels Imbedded into your roof instead of mounted above it, this will give a greater sense of unity than what was available before.

There are also solar shingles which looks like the ordinary shingles you already have on your roof but with the difference that they are blackish. So all you have to do here is make all the rest non solar shingles black as well and your solar system is practically invisible.

Large upfront cost one of the disadvantages of solar energy

Another one of the disadvantages of solar energy is the huge upfront costs. When you build your new solar power system you will have to pay for the panels, batteries, wiring, the workers that installs them and so on. This will cost money and you will have to pay anything between 3000$-30 000$ depending on how large of a facility you are building. This can be felt as a substantial burn in the wallet area and many don’t feel that they can afford it.  Luckily you could take a loan and pay it off over time. Because fact is that solar panels will pay themselves back in 5-10 years time. So after that you will have saved so much money on not having to pay your old electrical company anymore that the whole initial bill will be paid off. And the best thing is, that after those initial 5-10 years have passed you will have absolutely 100% free electricity for at least 15 more, this is calculated on the normal lifespan of a solar panel which is at least 25 years.

Many countries and states also have something called feed in tariff, this means that they will pay you for the extra electricity you produce and sell back to them through the national grid. They do this to encourage people to put up solar systems and therefore make it extra profitable for them by paying them for it.

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Solar power is complicated

What type of solar cells should I chose? Will the solar panels pay off? What angle is my roof? Should I have batteries or do I connect my panels direct to the grid? The questions are many when it is time to install your new green energy system. And you wont want to stumble into the disadvantages of solar energy as well. It may feel that you need to be a rocket scientist to figure all these stuff out. Luckily there is help. If you contact some of your local solar panel entrepreneurs they will be happy to explain everything, and even do all the hard counting, measuring and decision-making for you. Some firms  like Sungevity even have availability to satellites so they can take your roof measurements, check shading  instantly  online without even needing to come out to your house, well that’s service for you! Just be sure you contact more than one company to compare prices before you buy, just so that way you will get the best bang for your buck.

If you do decide that you would like to understand all things solar before you make a decision to get your own system. We here at Photovoltaic Solar Panels provide you with great articles and quality information so you can make an educated choice when or if that time comes.


Putting up solar panels will make me a hippie


Photo: © photovoltaic solar panels

Congratulations you just put up solar panels in your home! From now on you’ll forever bee seen as that eccentric sprout eating tree hugging green energy hippie maniac. This scares many people because most of us don’t want to stand out from a crowd. We especially don’t want to differ from the crowd that is our neighbors and friends. What our inner circle thinks of us often defines how we see our selves and not everyone likes the thought of being associated with a longhaired flowerchild of the 60s.

But maybe if you stand up for what you believe in people around you will respect you for it. If they don’t, they probably are not worthy of your time anyway. There are not many of us that will say no to more money in their pockets. The days when solar power was something you invested in simply for the environments sake are gone. Nowadays solar panels are so effective and their production cost is so cheap that they will pay themselves back and produce you free energy after that. This is true almost no matter where on earth you live.

Your neighbors will understand that solar energy actually will earn you money and then they themselves are likely to put modules up as well. After that you no longer will be alone in your quest for green fossil free energy. And you can be proud that you are helping to save the earth and your wallet as well.


The sun doesn’t always shine

Solar power must be consumed directly when it’s made or be stored in batteries. Since the sun won’t always shine this is a problem, during the night for example. If one would want to watch TV during the small evening hours one the power would have to be taken from somewhere else than the solar panels. Simply because when the sun isn’t up shining at them they won’t be making any electricity. The solution to this disadvantage of solar energy is to have bulky batteries somewhere. These batteries could be charged during the day to be later used during the night. A system like this is called an of grid solar system. Another solution would be the grid tied solar system. In this manner extra solar power will be sold to someone else who can use it directly during the day and another energy source will be used when solar is not available.

In some parts of the world off grid solar systems are in fact practically impossible to use. This is because in the winter months the sun shines so little that it would take an infinite amount of batteries to see people through them. But don’t misunderstand me, solar power will still be profitable even in these parts of the world, it just wont due to have it as the only energy source.

Summarizing it all

So after lining up all of these disadvantages of solar energy we hope that you have a clearer view as to if solar power is something for you. Since we don’t want to be to negative we have also summarized a nice list on all the advantages of solar power and that list can be found here >>>

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One Response to 6 disadvantages of solar energy

  1. Steve dold says:

    Besides being full of spelling and grammatical errors, much of your info is inaccurate. For example, assuming you are talking about a typical grid- tied system (which is what virtually all systems you see are), there are no batteries. The “borders” around panels are called “frames.” Etc. Etc.

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