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Here we list the five top reasons why you definitely should install solar
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As of now, you might have heard that shifting to solar power is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Also, you would have heard that constantly relying on non-renewable energy sources can leave you paralyzed when they are soon depleted. But why should you really go solar? For what reason should you start investing in solar panels? Below are 5 Reasons reasons to help you decide.


1. Escape the Constant Energy Rate Hikes

Paying monthly bills have never been a pleasant experience. However, this could get worse the more that coal and oil supplies dwindle. In due time, you might be paying for an electricity rate that is more than double the rate you are dealing with right now.

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Energy Rate Hikes

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Solar power, on the other hand, can save you money for several reasons. The first reason is that solar energy is abundant. So as long as the sun can generate the same amount light for a day, a solar panel can give your household the energy it requires.

Also, a solar panel does not have a lot of moving parts which means operational expenses are down to a minimum. Finally, a solar energy system can grant you complete protection from energy bill spikes. Once installed, it is assured that your upcoming energy bill will be considerably smaller than the last.


2. Continuous Innovations and Improvements within the sector

Despite being at its best form, current solar technology has still got a long way to go before becoming ultimately reliable. In fact, most current solar panel models are only operating at a fraction of what’s theoretically possible.

Thankfully, scientists continually improve solar panels so that they can absorb more light, generate more electricity, and be cheaper to make and buy. Within a few years, it is expected that consumers can get hold of a solar-power system that is far more reliable than its predecessors. Having one installed at your property right now will give you a foretaste of what is to come in solar technology.


3.Solar is Clean and Safe

One of the biggest appealing factors with solar panels is that they have minimal to non-existent environmental impacts. Whereas coal plants emit greenhouses gases, oil plants produce toxic by-products and nuclear plants are always at the risk of causing radiation contamination, a solar array has no severe effects on the environment. In fact, it has yet to be reported that solar arrays have caused severe changes in the environment.

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The reason for this is that the electricity generation process in solar panels is quite simple. A solar cell collects light or infrared waves, turns it into electricity and passes it to several wires to power a small electrical grid. This relatively simple process results in little to no risks and harmful by-products.


4. An Infinite Power Source

A star can produce enough light and warmth to keep nearby planets alive for several billions of years. In essence, they are one of the most reliable sources of energy in the entire universe. Despite being relatively young compared to other stars, the sun is able to generate 3.8 x 1026 watts of light energy for a single second. If only the light actually hitting our small earth is entirely absorbed, this light will be enough to power an entire city for several decades.

Surprisingly, solar panels can only absorb 10% of what the sun is generating. The other 90%, consisting of invisible light radiation, is yet to be harnessed by solar technology. Despite that, current solar panels can provide for the needs of a single household for days on end.

Infinite Power Source

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5.Earning Money, While Saving Money

In as much as saving money is great, there is also the chance to earn money from using solar panels. Depending on what the rules and regulations regarding energy distribution in your state, you may be able to sell the excess energy your photovoltaic array produces back to the utility company. If allowed, you can even let neighbors hook to your array for certain events (for a modest fee ever hour, of course).

In addition, several states are offering tax incentives and grants to those who use solar power in their households. This is the government’s way of encouraging consumers to adopt a cleaner and greener lifestyle. In other words, you might expect lower property taxes a few months after you have installed a solar array at your home.


Have you decided yet?

There you have them, five very important and very valid reasons why one would prefer to use solar power instead of the carbondioxide emitting alternatives most of us have in our outlets today. This article may not have you jumping right up buying that thousand dollar solar system today, but we hope you are now aware that the alternative exists and that it is a good alternative should you ever seek one.

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