off grid solar systems

off grid solar systems or on grid ones which is best
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This is the second part of our article series on whether to chose to install an off grid solar systems or staying on the Gird, when installing new solar panels in your house. As we have said before a choice must be made, because the generated solar power must have somewhere to go, be it batteries your washing machine or someone else’s TV. Electricity consists of a current of electrons, if it’s not running somewhere or something it is not a current anymore and therefore the electricity will be lost. In what way you chose to deal with your newly made solar electricity will greatly impact the equipment you will need and the final price of it all

In our previous article we cover the positive and negative aspects of a photovoltaic system disconnected from the public power lines so called off grid solar systems. We talked about Prices, maintenance, prerequisites and the selling of an off grid house

Now we are going to continue our discussion on the pros and cons with an ON grid PV system

On Grid solar system pros and cons

If you chose to stay on the Grid you will have the benefit of always having infinite electricity available even if your Photovoltaic panels don’t deliver during that particular time.



The downside being that you will still have to pay for that “infinite” power and even if you don’t draw any power at all there is still a fee for being connected to the Grid in the first place. You also need to have a professional installing this because the power company won’t allow any DIY solar panels or homemade wiring connecting into their electrical system.


Make some money

The positive side will be that the unused electricity that is produced by the solar PV system can be sold back to the Grid for compensation, earning you money. This may not be possible everywhere though so check with your local power company to make sure of what applies in your area.

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Better for the environment

off gird living worse for environment

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An entire photovoltaic system is a much more environmental friendly then if u decide to use off grid solar systems. The power your solar panels generate are always guaranteed to be used up either by u or maybe a neighbor, meaning no energy is being wasted. By using batteries much power will simply never be used because the batteries can only hold a certain amount of electricity, everything above that will just be let into the ground again. If you are at work or are on a vacation all that generated electricity will be wasted.


On gird Solar panels cheap

Photo: Public Domain George Hodan


Not to mention that this alternative is way cheaper than if you want to cut the cord with those off grid solar systems out there. Not needing to pay for all those batteries, extra cables and charge controllers. As you can see on the charts below the price difference is huge. a battery dependent PV system will cost 240% more than  Girdtied solar panels.


Off Grid solar systems VS on Grid chart

Complete 2,3kW ON Gird PV System
10pcs 230W Solar Panels 1589$
Sunny boy Inverter SB 2000 1600$
MC4 panel connectors 88$
Midnight solar Combiner box 95$
15A MN Fuse 8$
AC Lightning arrestor 39$
DC Lightning arrestor 39$
non fused disconnect switch 115$
Total price: 3573$


Complete 2,3kW OFF Grid PV System
10pcs 230W Solar Panels 1589$
600VDC 15A Breaker 80$
2pcs Midnight solar Combiner box 190$
FLEXmax Charge controller 1160$
TR2424 Inverter 849$
12pcs Deep Cycle 6V Batteries 4600$
cables for Inverter 80$
Battery cables 86$
AC Lightning arrestor 39$
DC Lightning arrestor 39$
Total price: 8712$



As we see it, on grid solar panels are always the way the go if you have the possibility. Cutting the cord will only result in a higher price, more maintenance and the environmental benefits are much lower. So if you don’t live in the middle of the dessert or in a jungle treetop where getting the gird to come to you would cost hundred thousands of dollars. Avoid off grid solar systems like the plague  and stay on that Grid!

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