Hey! Have you ever lost your keys, purse or even your dog? I personally always wait for the day when you can call your keys to make them play a jolly tune. This way they are easily found under those heaps of clothes or behind the sofa. Well guess what? Your days of constantly looking for stuff can be over in the soon to be future, and the solution is solar powered.

small portable GPS tracker

New small portable gps can track anything!
© Retrievor

We present to you the Retrievor

portable GPS holder

Nifty GPS holder keaps the small tracker in place
© Retrievor

This is the Retrievor the world’s smallest standalone portable GPS tracking device and its solar and kinetic powered. You simply attach it on the object that you never want to lose again and using several satellites plus the orbiting of the earth it will keep track of the item for you. The new technology inside Retrievor has enabled it to become really small. with a diameter of less than 3cm the small GPS tracker is not much larger than a quarter and the high of only 1 cm makes it as thick as 4 of the coins stacked together. With a size that small you can attach it to almost anything and it comes delivered with its own Multi-Purpose Attachment Clip. This makes the portable GPS tracking device look like a handwatch without the straps, and is great for attachment to a dog or cat collar for example.


Portable GPS Comes with both web and mobile access

You can follow the Retrievors position live from your phone or from a special internet webpage. With the free Retrievor app you can keep tabs on several Retrievors at once and even assign them their own picture for easy recognition. There are some cool settings you can make so that you will get an alarm to your phone if the tracker leaves an area set by you. You are able to see not only the objects location but even the path it has taken, the speed it’s moving at, and what direction it is heading.

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Never runs out of power

The problem with portable GPS trackers until now has been that they needed to be manually charged up on regular basis to keep them running. If you forgot to charge them up they would turn of and at the time when you would need to find your precious object they would be unable to help. The RETRIEVOR has a great solution on this matter as it comes with a solar panel powering it up with clean green energy during the daytime hours and as if that wasn’t enough the kinetic charger will harness the power of movement as the small GPS tracker is moved about. In the case that the solar panel and the kinetic charger wouldn’t be sufficient the Retrievor also comes with the ability to be charged through a USB port


Preorder disscount

The launch of these babies is expected to be sometime in January 2014. As we could notice the only drawback to this product would be its quite juicy price tag of 299$. But it happens to be that right now you can preorder one of the very first Retrievors before they hit the stores at the much smaller price of 169$

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