Creating revolutionary new efficient solar panels that will change the photovoltaic industry for ever. Already solar powering your home is profitable both for your wallet and for the environment. Many homeowners still testify that the initial costs for installing panels are holding them back of buying, even though they know it will become viable in the long run.

holographic efficient solar panels

New efficent solar panels are coverd with a holographic film to maximize Conversation
Photo Source: ‘Apollon GmbH & Co. KG / Solar Bankers LLC’ © MEDIENKONTOR

Cheaper more efficient solar panels

But a company called Solar Bankers is on the verge of changing all that. Just now a new type of highly efficient silicon solar cell is being developed. The secret to this cell is its holographic foil. This newly patented technology will enable these new efficient solar panels to be nearly twice as effective as the standard panels people are putting up today. Practically skyrocketing the conversion rate of the suns rays into usable current from 17% to 28%. The most awesome part is that all of this will be made to a price that’s even lower then what we have on today’s market.

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The key factor of these new solar cells is the holographic film laid on top of them. The film acts like a filtering magnifying glass giving the solar cell more of the light it wants. Meaning more light can be converted into usable electricity.

How does this new solar technology work?

holographic film placed above solar new efficent solar panels

Photo Source: ‘Apollon GmbH & Co. KG / Solar Bankers LLC’ © MEDIENKONTOR

This technique reminds a bit of an older variant used in space called photovoltaic concentration. A standard concentrating solar panel has an expensive flat lens above each of the solar cells in the panel. The lens also called Fresnel lens then concentrates the suns rays onto the cell itself, alas making the sunlight stronger.

The big difference between the new Solar Bankers Module and the old concentrated ones is that the new efficient solar panels use holographic optics instead of a glass lens. This holographic method is the same kind of technique that is used to make holograms. In the past we needed to carve out each glass lens with expensive lasers. This technique enables the new type of “lenses” to simply be printed out on a giant industrial printer, the savings are immense. Another great thing about these new modules is that they don’t need that much silicone as the solar modules on today’s market. When one diminishes the amount of semiconducting material in this way it brings the price down

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Thinner panels

The Solar Bankers cell only needs millimeters between the concentrating film and the silicon. This was not true for older variants of concentrating cells witch needed far more space making the new modules thinner then their ancestors

No more overheating

By filtering the sunlight as well as concentrating it the film only allows the best most useful of the daylight wavelengths to get through to the solar cell. In this manner overheating the solar cell is avoided. Overheating is otherwise a big source of energy loss when dealing with concentration.


Smaller price

holographic film placed above new solar cell

Photo Source: ‘Apollon GmbH & Co. KG / Solar Bankers LLC’ © MEDIENKONTOR

So wait a minute, you are saying that we will get double the amount of electricity in half the price? Yapp! That is exactly what Solar Bankers claims will happen. Because the holographic layer can be printed with large scale special printers, the holographic panels will be so easy to make that they

The tiny lenses concentrate the useful wave lengths of the sunlight between 2000%-3000%. This in turn means that the amount of silicone needed to catch that light is diminished by 90%. Because of this the manufacturing costs plunge immensely. These efficient solar panels are so cheap and easy to make. Even if producing them in USA or German they still would be cheaper then the plain silicon modules made in china today.

This will result in the solar arrays finally ending up on citizens rooftops will only be half as large. So not only do we get to save on the solar panels themselves, because we are not going to need to buy as many of them, we also don’t have to pay as much for the manual work when they are being put up because the works only need to put up half the amount of panels of course.


Alfred Jost showing new solar cell prototype

An early prototype of the remarkable optical layer covering a solar cell showed by Alfred Joost
Photo Source: ‘Apollon GmbH & Co. KG / Solar Bankers LLC’ © MEDIENKONTOR

When and where can I get them?

These revolutionary panels are sadly not on the market for you and me to buy just yet. The new technology is patented in America but Improvements are still being made. The holographic panel’s sun to electric conversation percentage is going to get even higher before the new modules finally hit the market. When the new modules are finished, Solar Bankers plan on putting up 300MW of them either in the States or in Germany. This in turn will create 500 new jobs, and a lot of green energy homes. So all we have to do now is to wait for these more efficient solar panels to be available in a store near you.


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