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Practical Lantern comes with its own solar panel
© Panansonic

Did you know that large parts of the world still don’t have electricity. As many as 1,32 billions of people cant turn on a light to study after sundown, this is a real problem because the days are filled with practical chores needing to be done even for the children. Something as simple as a light will give a child the extra time needed to acquire an education.

In development areas without electricity if someone gets sick medical examinations would have to be be performed in the dark. Imagine something as trivial as taking out a small splinter or cleaning up after a child with stomach problems without proper lighting. Matters of this sort need to be put upp to be carried out in the morning when there is light to see. This is a real health issue as the medical problems left unattended will surely get worse during the hours of the night and bacteria will spread if not cleaned up properly.

To help Panasonic has decided to give away 100 000 solar powered lamps to families,homes, schools, stores, hospitals and helporganizations in areas without availability to the electrical grid. The handout will start in Africa and Asia during the Christmas month this year and continue on through the course of 5 years to come.


Easy to place with practical handle

The lamp in question is big 5 LED lantern. The practical handle makes it possible for the lamp to be hanged from the roof like a ceiling light, carried by the hand, hanged on a wall like a wall lamp or simply left standing on a table. All this while the lightsource itself continues to be directable 360 degrees to be able to shine where light is needed the most.

solar lantern outdoor hanging

The handle gives the solar lamps a great selection of outdoor hanging possibilities and the ability to use it indoor makes it truly versatile
© Panansonic


Charges up in 6 hours with Solar Panel

This Solar LED light comes with its very own mini solar panel. At a size of only 21cm*19cm the solar panel is able to charge the lantern with about 3,5W of electricity per hour if left out in the sun during the daytime. This means that the LED Lantern will be fully charged in 6 hours time making it very practical indeed. After these 6 hours of charging it can in turn be used for 6 hours at the highest setting. If the light setting is set to medium the light will shine for more than double that time and if set to low the battery inside the lantern will continue to function during a whooping 90 hours.

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Phone Charger outlet

solar lamp indoor

solar light doubles as a phone charger
© Panansonic

There is an USB outlet on the lantern as well. This can be used to draw out the accumulated solar power from the lamp to charge a mobile phone. Mobile phones have increased their popularity and are often the only means of communication with the outside world people have in some remote locations.  But the problem is that phones require electricity to operate and charging one in places where most of the inhabitants don’t have electricity can prove to be an impossible obstacle. With Panasonics help it will now be possible to charge ones phone where ever you are with just a little help from the sun.


Dirt and dust resistant

Not only Is the lantern very practical en versatile it is also somewhat waterproof too. This of course makes it dust resistance as well. This is ideal since its primary users are living in very simple conditions. These are places where people live with trampled dirtfloors and without even such things  as proper walls. Here mud and dust covers practically everything and therefore it is clear that any equipment expected to last here must have proper ingress protection. This is yet another thing that shows how the designers at Panasonic had the 100 000 receiving families in mind when designing this solar powered LED Lantern.

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