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This great portable solar sleeve removes the need to exchange your already perfect backpack into a solar back pack. Instead just fasten the Mana Solar Claw over it and your good to go on your hike.
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In the past the main stress during your multi-day hike used to be where you could buy food. Nowadays the trend seems to be to find a place to charge all your electronical “must have” devices. Be it GPS Batteries, MP3 players or your mobile phone The Mana Solar Claw from Clear Blue Hawaii eliminates that problem. You can just have it charge anything you want while you’re walking. Imagine the great feeling of never running out of power on you hike again.

The Mana Solar Claw is a flexible and tough rucksack cover with built in solar cells that you simply hang on to your backpack. This way you don’t have to exchange your favorite backpack into a solar backpack to enjoy all the perks of electricity on the go. Thanks to the four elastic Duraflex Buckles it can be attached to almost any backpack model. No need to hassle with straps, strings and tape to fasten it. Put the Mana solar claw on your backpack then while walking the portable solar cells ensures that solar power will be used to recharge the batteries of choice. One of its great advantages is that you don’t have to interrupt your trip to charge your electrical appliances. Even if you walk against the sun the Solar Claw catches sufficient light to provide energy.

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insides mana solar claw

Photo: © clearbluehawaii

The Mana Solar Claw from Clear Blue Hawaii consists mainly of two parts: the actual portable solar panel with the solar cells and the storage bag that can also be attached to your backpack. The CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide) portable solar panels are the same as those used by NASA and the U.S. Army simply because these cells have two important characteristics: they are flexible and virtually unbreakable.

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This makes them suitable for adventures like climbing or biking. If you fall you don’t instantly have to be scared that you portable solar panel will stop working. Even if a part of the PV panel gets penetrated or shattered this revolutionary technology ensures that the rest of the cells will continue to provide energy. The power output will vary depending on the strength of the incoming light, this means that even at lower voltages, you charger will function but it may take longer for your device to charge than in full sunlight

portable solar panel fasteners

Photo: © clearbluehawaii

The bag or casing of the Mana Solar Claw is made of ultra strong rip stop nylon with a Hi-Tenacity, additionally it is also featuring four elastic straps. By the means of these Duraflex straps you can attach the panel onto any kind of backpack without problems, both small and large backpacks and daypacks for multi-day trips.

Portable solar

Photo: © clearbluehawaii

On the inside of the panel cover are several pockets for carrying your smaller accessories and even a big laptop compartment. Included with the Mana Solar Claw is also an extra connection to the portable solar panel in the form of a a 12V cigarette lighter socket. This can be used with the car charger for your devices, and after use be stuffed away in one of the pockets of the cover together with your GPS, cell phone or PDA.

The maximum output of the Mana Solar Claw is 6 watts (12V/500mA), and that’s enough to charge most small devices. As a bonus The Mana Solar Claw weighs less than 850 grams, which makes it easy to carry around. The selling price right now is $285 from clear blue Hawaii’s own website but you can get it at only $100 from ebay. We think this is a reasonable price for having full batteries at your disposal anytime you want.

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