Power consumption of 101+ household appliances liens under creative

TV cc LG EPR. Vacuum, Iron cc Philips Communications. Toaster Public Domain Yamada Taro. Microwave oven, Washer, Fridge/freezer cc Samsung tomorrow. Espresso maker cc Tassimo Danmark.

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Here is a collection of some appliances one could normally find in a home. The picture comes from an article written to help you find out how much electricity all of your household appliances consume. You can find the energy usage chart and original article here:

Power consumption of 101+ typical household appliances >>>

The gorgeous fridge and freezer is from Samsung. It comes with a brushed steel finish and of course the compulsory icemaker. An icemaker is especially great when using the fridge in wormer climates since it saves power when the whole freezer door don’t have to be opened every time one wants to have a cold icy drink. To find out how much electricity your fridge/freezer consumes look it up in our beautifully crafted chart in the main article

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The red Philips vacuum cleaner looks like something more suited on a spaceship with its tilted mouthpiece. But we guess that even though it looks kind of weird it will be great to clean corners with. Even if you don’t have an alien vacuum at home your more subtle variant still draws electricity and it is a good thing to know how much don’t you agree?

In the left corner is a blue and white energy efficient Iron for smoothing out all those wrinkles in your clothes. I personally hate ironing. I only buy soft jersey clothing that always stays wrinkle free as long as you fold it or hang it after washing.

Washing one can do with this fancy washing machine from Samsung portrayed to the left of the picture. Sleek gray steel finish and chromed doors it will surely get your clothes clean and it will do so in style. But all the style in the world won’t make it less of an energy hog. Even thou it comes with a A+++ energy rating, did you know that a typical washing machine uses 1,2 to 1,5 kWh/Cycle. That means that it uses up about from 1200W – 1500W every time you wash a load of clothes. To be certain of exactly how much your washing machine uses check the label next to the electrical cord. If you don’t like to crawl down on all four behind your washer maybe you can look it up in our great list of power consumption for domestic appliances.

Other than that there also is a toaster for all of your breakfast needs, if one doesn’t have time for toasting there is always a possibility to use the microwave oven. But which one of the two will use up less electricity? Look them up in the energy usage table and compare for yourself.

To that slice of toast it’s good to have a cup of coffee. To have the coffee at your home taste as good as the coffee you buy at the corner shop or café, but for the fraction of the price an espresso machine is a must have. Even thoug they have a high wattage stated on them, don’t forget that u only keep them on for a couple of minutes to make that cup of espresso. So in the end the total electricity consumption wont be that high.

And of course the TV, who could ever live without the TV. But if you look at the energy consumed by that appliance you will notice that the larger the TV the larger the energy usage. So if you want to keep those energy costs down choose a smaller sized screen. Also a led TV is much better than its plasma counterpart.

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