In this article we are going to take a look on what solar panel kits are and why we should even bother with installing them in our homes. We will also talk about the best installation place ,warranty time and whether to use batteries or not.

solar panel kits

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Electricity has long been a part of human life. Ever since its discovery, people’s ability to harness its power for everyday use has made life easier, and thus electricity has been a driving force in everyday life. People wake up by the sound of the alarm from their digital clocks or mobile phones. Light bulbs are also turned on in every room where the light of the sun cannot reach. Even the vehicles that people ride everyday are being run by electricity. We ride with the help of electricity, we cook and eat by using electricity, and we do our jobs and even enjoy leisure activities with the help of electricity. For these reasons, perhaps it is already safe to say that it certainly has become a necessity.

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But what happens when there are technical difficulties that cause black-outs and loss of power? What happens when natural calamities occur that damage the electricity lines that bring light to our homes? What happens when the earth’s sources of fossil fuels have depleted so much that we are no longer able to reap the benefits of electricity? Luckily, there are now other sources of power and electricity such as solar panel kits.


What Are Solar Panel Kits?

If you are familiar with the term “solar panels” or if you have ever heard of the word “solar” before, you will know that it has something to do with the sun. Sol is a term that is used by astronomers to refer to the sun, and the term solar has been widely used for concepts that have to do with the sun. For example, solar power is the power or electricity that comes from the sun and solar panels are instruments that are used to harness the light and heat from the sun so that it may be turned into useful electricity.


Photovoltaics” is another term that some people use to refer to “light-electricity” or electricity that comes from light. As for solar panel kits, these contain everything that you need to harness the sun’s energy and to use it for any purpose you may have. A Solar panel set normally consist of the solar panels themselves, charge controllers, and the necessary wiring and cables to connect the kit to your electrical appliances. There are also kits that come with mounts, while others have the more ideal battery packs that allow energy to be stored for future use.


solar power kits

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Why Use a Solar Panel Kit?

Solar panel kits will allow you to produce your own electricity and depending on the power that it is able to generate, it could potentially free you from some or all of your electric bills. This is one of the main reasons why people are turning to solar power kits so that they may lower the costs of everyday living. Especially given the fact that almost everything we use run on electricity, being able to produce your own is a very lucrative idea.


Other people on the other hand are pushed by necessity to use solar kits if they are not within the range of the grid of the utilities provider or if the electric lines have been damaged in some way. Take for example those who are affected by typhoons or tsunamis. Electricity is not returned right away, but people still need power in order to survive and therefore, they turn to alternative sources.

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Finally, there are also environment advocates that go for solar panel kits because this means the use of renewable energy. Using the sun’s heat and light is a very natural thing to do. It does not produce any wastes, and neither is there a need to use any of the earth’s depleting resources. With a solar panel kit, you can produce energy and not have to worry about its source being depleted over time.


How to Choose Your Solar Kit

Solar panel kits for home use have become more widespread over the past few years because they are economical, simple, and environmental friendly. If you are planning to install one in your home right now, choosing the right kit may prove to be difficult and overwhelming because there are just so many options to choose from.

Perhaps the most important thing that you must consider when buying solar power kits is choosing between the grid tied system and the off grid type. Basically, a grid tie system is directly linked to your local power grid and it also does not store any surplus energy. The excess energy is sent over to the power company, and the good news is, if you are able to generate more energy than you consume, the power company will pay you for it through “net metering”. An off grid system, on the other hand, will require a battery for the storage of any excess power. It is also not connected to anything else but your home and functions as a separate entity.


Another consideration when it comes to solar kits is quality. Of course, it is not enough for your kit to have an easy installation process but it must run effectively as well. The minimum warranty that you should be expecting from your solar panels is 20 years, while you should be getting 10 years warranty from your solar inverter. You should also inquire about the amount of power your kit can produce. This information will let you know how much solar energy you can expect from your solar set-up. It is also worth noting that your kit’s efficiency will depend mostly on your location.


solar panel kit

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You can’t do much about what longitudes you live on but you can decide what side of the roof you put your new solar system. Choosing the location on your roof for your solar panel kit is perhaps the most important step in the installation process because this determines if your panels’ exposure to the sun is adequate. if you live in the northern hemisphere The best location for installation is on a south facing roof that is clear of any obstructions that might block the sun’s light from the panels. If you are in the southern hemisphere the panels should be directed towards the north. If it is not possible to install the panels on a south/north facing roof, then your next best option is the west side, followed by the east side.


Setting up your new solar panel kit usually takes only a few hours, after which you will be able to produce energy and enjoy how your home now has its own power source.

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  1. Jun Ogdoc says:

    I need more info about your solar panel kit. We are in the process of designing a recirculating aquaculture system for China and we intend to integrate solar power into the technology. This will be the first solar powered commercial recirculating aquaculture system in the world. A complete environmental friendly technology.



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