Solar panels for your home

Getting solar panels for your home is a great deal in many aspects, get to know what secrets happy homesolar owners know that you don’t. Photo: © Stuart Miles

Solar panels for your home are gaining in popularity, the industry is growing rapidly and the panels slowly but surely seem to be finding their way into the common homes. Everyone wants to do their piece of contribution in order to solve the climate problem hovering over us. But a solar panel system will cut you back thousands of dollars, so one does not simply run out and buy one. To take this important step you will probably want to know exactly what benefits you can get from such a system. Therefore here are: the top 6 reasons to install solar panels for your home.


1. Save money both now and in the future

We are paying almost 80% more for our electricity than back in year 2000! Purchasing solar panels for your home reduce your energy bill and will in part shield you from the rising energy prices.

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Basically by putting upp the panels on your roof your energy bill becomes locked and you will no longer be dependent on the price movements of energy. This is because you can just sell generated excess electricity at the current energy rate, and that will have a huge impact on your energy bill.


2. Get Solar panels for your home and protect the environment

solar panels for homes

Photo: © njaj

With the climate problem you are now aware of, the question is whether you are also doing your bit to reduce the threat of ecological disaster? The coal plants that generate gray electricity annually pump a huge amount of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. But that is not all, because of gasses such as hydrogen sulfide among others, there is acid rain. One of the biggest steps you can take as a consumer is the transition to a sustainable energy source. Solar energy is a clean, silent form of energy that is extremely environmentally friendly. By choosing to use solar panels for your home you will be less dependent on polluting gray power.

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3. Increase the value of your home

Solar panels for your home will increase its value of your home and have a substantial positive impact on the environment at the same time. The increase in value can even rise above the purchase price of your solar installation! Solar panels are thus a sustainable investment. Given the rising prices of energy, the property value will increase as a result of solar energy being installed on it. For every dollar you save annually, the increasing value of your home is about 20 dollars.


Home photovoltaics increases national security

Photo: © digitalart

4. Increase national security with the help of solar panels for your home

Believe it or not, utilizing solar energy and putting in solar panels for your home increases the national security. Most countries get a big part of their fuel from, and are thus dependent on countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran. By making use of their raw materials less, we can keep ourselves independent of these countries. In addition, you are less affected by increases in oil and gas prices, which are often caused by wars or other geopolitical issues. Think of the oil crisis in the 70s, which was brought about by a boycott of the Arab countries.


5. Become independent of the energy companies

Even if you live in an area where the energy grid is basically just fine, long periods of power failure could happen anywhere. In such cases it is comforting to have solar panels for your home because you can always connect your panels to a battery. This way you will still have electricity during times of power failure and In addition you are more independent of eventual vicissitudes the energy companies could be up to.


6. Solar panels for homes everywhere take advantage of government subsidies

The governments of the world have numerous sustainable energy subsidies available. There are grants for solar panels as well as solar thermal heaters. The subsidy you can get by investing in solar panels for your home, consists of a premium of x number cents per kWh you export to the grid, in feed in tariffs. This tariff is added on top of the eventual payment you get from you energy company for the electricity. The subsidy on thermal collectors consists of a rebate on the purchase cost, which in most cases is around 100$.

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