The latest hype is about being environmentally friendly and minimizing ones carbon footprint. A good way of going about that would be to install solar panels at home. Solar power is so in and hipp right now. Everybody is talking about it.  And it truly is a great thing which just now has become cost effective as well. Check out this big list of great solar power advantages.

10 solar power advantages

Photo: Public Domain Petr Kratochvil

1. Cheaper than the electricity from the grid

We all know that the electricity is not getting any cheaper. In fact the prices for energy and gas are rushing upwards at a pace never seen before. Why is this? One could ask. Most of our electricity comes from nasty fossil fuels. As late as last year i.e. 2013 about 80% of all consumed electricity were coming from Co2 spewing sources like coal, natural gas, and petroleum. But the fossil fuels are running out, and the human population is getting bigger. Third world countries are evolving and the demand for electricity is getting higher. By the natural rule of supply and demand this means that energy prices are skyrocketing.

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But there is hope. By generating your own electricity with the help of clean solar power you don’t have to be a part of the world’s electricity race. Solar panels are getting cheaper and more efficient by the minute.  And we actually stand at a point where solar power is cheaper than grid power. This applies almost no matter how little sun your country may have. So make a calculation there is money and nature to be saved by using the advantages of solar panels


2. Makes your home stand out as an environmentally friendly house

By putting up a photovoltaic system you will be the talk of the neighborhood as the one who takes responsibility for our world’s future. Every one thinks saving the environment is a good idea but not many of us take action. By embracing all the solar power advantages out there and installing a solar arraym, you will become an example in your neighborhood and others will envy your enterprising spirit.


3. Enhances the second hand value of your home

Same as renovating your floors or adding a new staircase enhances the market price of your house the same way installing solar panels will adding to the house value. It is a fact that every renovation project you make in jour home will be returned to you twofold the day you decide to sell your property. So not only will solar panels generate you free green energy from the sun as you live in your house, you will get the money you spent on the arrangement back times 2 when you sell. If that doesn’t sound like a good deal to you we don’t know what will.


4. Electricity is consummated at the source

When you use electricity from the grid that current has been traveling vast distances, via multiple transmission lines, to get from a distant power plant to your house. The Energy loss and thereof the money waste during that process is inevitable.

But the energy your home solar panels produce is going to be consumed at your home.  This means that there is very little energy loss while the energy is traveling from the panels to lets say your TV. Because you will be avoiding all those transmission constraints you will get your electricity even cheaper than if you would be pulling it from the grid.


5. Abundance of power available one of many solar power advantages

The sun gives us an abundance of power, ready to use. The total energy of the solar rays that hits the earth’s surface during only one hour is equivalent to the electricity usage in the whole world during a whole year. Imagine what would happen if we could harness only 1% of that power. Actually if you count it out this would mean that by installing solar panels that could absorb and convert only 0,003% of the solar irradiation that reaches us per day would eliminate the need for any other energy source on the entire planet. That would mean no dirty coal no fossil spewing oil and no dangerous nuclearplants. Only clean renewable and sustainable solar power would be all that we needed.


advantages of solar power Vera Kratochvil

Photo: Public Domain

6. The sun gives us Infinite and free energy

Fossil fuels like coal and oil are diminishing at a rapid pace. There will come a time in the not to distant future when the reserves will run out. During that time the mining companies will have to struggle more and more to get to the findings that are left under the earths crust and the bounties that are found will get smaller everyday. This will inevitably lead to a radical rise in fuel and energy costs. A phenomenon we already witnessed over the past few years. Since 2009 the price for crude oil has increased by 46% and that number is only going to get higher. Can you afford to pay double, maybe triple for the everyday electricity that you are using in your own home? If not something is done about it, you may very well have to.

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Luckily something can be done! The sun gives us infinitive renewable energy everyday. It’s out there ours for the taking. The sun is not going to run out if we use the energy hitting our planet. It will continue to shine during the whole of mankind’s existence and maybe more. And instead of prices going up because of diminishing supply like in the fossil fuels industry, prices for solar panels will continue to go down as scientists finds new cheaper solutions and materials for solar panels and more and more people will be using solar energy for their daily electricity choice. Already solar modules are a great investment choice for your home. The solar panels you put up today will pay for them self in 5-10 years time.


7. Low running costs

One of many solar power advantages are that when your solar panels are safely installed on your rooftop there are almost zero maintenance costs. The lifetime of a solar panel is about 40 years with a warranty of 25. During this time it will be producing you energy for free. The only thing you will need to do is see to that the panels are kept reasonably clean, because dust, levees and dirt will block the sun’s rays from hitting your panels. This is done by simply cleaning the panels once in a while with soapy water, if you don’t want to climb around on the roof yourself you can always hire a professional cleaner to help you out although we do not recommend it since the rain or a simple warehouse will do the trick.

solar advantages

Photo: Public Domain Petr Kratochvil


8. No moving parts

Solar panels contain no moving parts like for example the turbines and propellers that wind powered or waterpower systems do. This puts solar power at an advantage because it’s always the moving parts that are subjected to the most wear and tear and therefore it’s also the moving parts of an appliance that brakes first. By having exactly zero moving parts solar panels will last really long. Actually the warranty time of a solar panel is often 25 years long. Compare that to dishwasher, if you’re lucky it has a maximum warranty time of 5 year and you need to pay for an extra insurance to get that. Moving parts equal more things that can break down and if a thing can break it usually will, either sooner or later. By not needing any moving parts your solar panels will be generating you free direct current for a long long time.


9. When the national grid is not an option. Solar power will save the day

Sometimes it can be quite difficult and extremely expensive to have the national power grid to come to you. This could be but is not limited to such cases as; when you have a cottage somewhere in the bush, a tipi upon a mountain or a trailer in a dessert oasis. Luckily you can still watch your favorite TV show or charge your phone or read at night just fine without the grid with the advantages of solar panels of course. Here you will need some batteries to accompany your solar power though.


solar disadvantage smog

Photo: Public Domain click

10. Solar energy does not cause pollution

Solar power is pollution free power. There is no carbondioxide leaking into the atmosphere. No acres of rainforests being cut down and no nuclear waste that needs to be buried for thousands of years. Solar panels are simply utilizing the energy that is already sent down to us from the sun.

There was a myth some time ago that the power wasted when making a solar module was greater than what the panel could ever harness when ready. This is not true at all.  It takes quite a lot of energy when manufacturing solar collectors but that energy is paid back within 1 year of use.

Unfortunately most of the factories making the solar panel still run on fossil fuels themselves thus causing some pollution during the manufacturing. But it would only take that the factories would be running on renewable resources as well, and a solar panel´s carbon footprint would go from 2,5% to 0%


Final thoughts

After getting so many solar power advantages described to us the conclusion is that the future is indeed looking bright. Simply put, if you do own a roof and have enough money for the initial investment, solar power is the way to go no matter who you are or where you live.

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