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This is the WakaWaka light, cool isnt it?
Photo: © WakaWaka light

The WakaWaka light is a highly effective solar LED lamp. The company Off-Grid Solutions has developed this lamp to be as effective and inexpensive as possible. This is important because the lamp is intended for the poorest people in the world.

OGS (Off-Grid Solutions) wanted a sustainable light source that would be both accessible and affordable for the poorest people on our planet. The solution is an LED light running on solar energy: the WakaWaka lamp.



WakaWaka light

The solar lights can conveniently be placed on a PET bottle,.
Photo: © WakaWaka light

What’s so great about the WakaWaka light?

What makes solar lamp so efficient is the SunBoost3 solar platform made by the tech savvy guys working at a company called Invitations. This chip is much more efficient than any other platform at the same price range. With the help of SunBoost3 the Waka Waka light offers sixteen hours of light after being in the sun four to five hours, and it still loads properly on less sunny days. the Waka Waka light brags about being two times as energy efficent comparing to any other portable solar lamp on the market today. 


In Swahili WakaWaka means “bright light”. This LED light can shine at four different strengths and it can also issue an SOS signal. The body of the solar lamp is made ​​of recycled plastic and has a beautiful design. It can be hung from a rope or placed in a bottle. These two great placement solution eliminates the need for a “proper” stand, thus keeping the cost of the Waka Waka light to a minimum. It can also be held in the hand lighting the way for  people while they are walking in the dark. Furthermore, the light is very strong, it can withstand dust, heat and water. The only downside is that the battery in it will only be good for up to three years.


For some, when the sun goes down the lights go out

Currently, in many countries there is not much artificial lighting to  banish the dark shadows of the night once the sun has set. 1.6 billion people are still not connected to the electricity grid in the world. meaning that 20 percent of the world is in the dark when the sun goes down. Over 70% of Africa goes pitch black during the small hours. Many of these people use oil lamps which are fired with kerosene.

The use of kerosene is associated with all kinds of disadvantages. For instance kerosene lamps cause many accidental fires, actually 6 million of them per year. In addition, the fumes kerosene emits are just as bad for you as two packs of cigarettes a day. Furthermore kerosene has a high CO 2 emissions and it is also a very expensive commodity. People pay as much as 10 to 20 percent of their income when buying kerosene.

LED solar lights

Photo: © WakaWaka light

Give away LED solar lights to those in need

portable solar light

Photo: © WakaWaka light

People can save a lot of money by owning a WakaWaka solar light. But if you earn less than two dollars a day you simply cannot afford to make a purchase. Therefore OGS has a foundation: the WakaWaka-foundation. Through it, One refugee family will get a free WakaWaka light for each $35 lamp sold in the United States or Europe.

The foundation has also set up an educational program for children. Helping them learn about the environment and hygiene. When students complete this program their families also get fifty percent off on this LED solar light.

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